Sessions generally follow this curriculum.  Future sessions may include additional topics.

Session 1

Introduction to procurement processes & bid requirements for public-sector projects -- Subject matter experts will provide information and strategies contractors can use to successfully access public sector and energy efficiency contracts.  This will include presentations on projects from Cuyahoga County, the Ohio Department of Transportation and the IceBreaker Wind Farm.

Session 2
Accessing capital, bonding and insurance -- Subject matter experts will provide practical steps contractors can use to access working capital for project mobilization, equipment and supplies.  Representatives from JP Morgan Chase, the Minority Business Development Center (MBAC), Hebrew Free Loan Association and others will be available to provide insight and answer questions.

Session 3
How to bid on energy efficiency projects: Energy efficiency and renewable energy contract bidding principles

Introduction to green building basics -- Representatives from the business community will introduce green building basics; address why sustainability in construction is important; and discuss green rating systems.  Participants will also learn about proven best practices in Solar electric or Photovoltaic (PV) technology systems, contractor certifications and installation; and strategies for successfully bidding on energy efficiency and renewable energy jobs.

Session 4
Contractor 101, Project Labor Agreements (PLA), local hire requirements, benefits of becoming a building trades signatory contractor -- Representatives from the business community will share their successes and learning experience as contractors in the energy efficiency and renewable energy spaces.  Industry insiders will also provide insight and answer questions regarding Project Labor Agreements (PLAs), local hire requirements and the benefits of becoming a building trades signatory.

Session 5
Labor compliance (e.g. certified payroll), LCP Tracker software -- LCP Tracker Software offers high-quality solutions and support and is a time-tested and reliable option for labor compliance reporting.  Benefits of using the LCP Tracker labor compliance software include: reduced audit risk; increased administrative efficiencies; world-class data security; a trusted industry authority; and seamless data submission capabilities.  During this session, participants will learn how to access this valuable tool.

Session 6 
Worker and site safety programs -- Representative(s) from OSHA will provide an overview of worker and site safety in the energy efficiency and renewable energy spaces.  They will also answer questions and provide information on available resources. 

Session 7
Closing ceremony graduation

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