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DOE Communities LEAP (Local Energy Action Program)

Emerald Cities Collaborative


New Initiative Aids Environmental Justice
And Fossil Fuel Communities in Developing Plans For Sustained
Economic Empowerment, Improved Local Environments

 Washington, D.C. — The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) launched the Local Energy Action Program (Communities LEAP)—an initiative designed to help environmental justice communities and communities with historical ties to fossil fuel industries take direct control of their clean energy future. The Communities LEAP pilot program provides supportive services valued at up to $16 million to help communities develop locally-driven energy plans to more effectively leverage public and private sector resources to reduce local air pollution, increase energy resilience, lower utility costs and energy burdens, and create good-paying jobs.

DOE’s Communities LEAP reflects the Biden-Harris Administration’s goal to assist community-led transitions to a decarbonized economy, and to build a healthier, more equitable, and sustainable future.

The transition to a carbon-free economy lowers local air pollution and energy burdens, and is also poised to bring billions of dollars in continued investments to communities across the country while generating good-paying jobs. In 2019, renewable energy investments in the U.S. reached $55 billion and clean energy jobs paid 25% more than the national median wage –  workers in the clean energy earned a median hourly wage of $23.89 compared to the national median wage of $19.14.

The pilot will also prioritize connections to other agencies doing work to support place-based, sustainable economic development.

Participating DOE offices include the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), Electricity (OE), Policy (OP), Indian Energy (IE), Fossil Energy and Carbon Management (FECM), and Economic Impact and Diversity (ED).

The initial Opportunity Announcement will be released September 15th, coinciding with the opening of the comment period. The comment period closes on October 12th. Registration opens and a final Opportunity Announcement will be issued on October 25th. Applications are due December 17th. Selections are expected to be announced in March 2022.

Learn more about this initiative, upcoming informational webinars, and how to apply


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Irvine Commits to Zero Carbon

Climate Action Campaign


Irvine Commits to Zero Carbon by 2030

Irvine became the first city in Southern California to set a goal of achieving a zero-carbon local economy consistent with the targets set by climate science. This is HUGE!

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SEIA- Solar Workforce Development

Solar Energy Industries Association


900,000 Opportunities to Advance Equity in the Clean Energy Economy

We are building a clean energy economy that will lead us through the 21st century. If we get it right, we have the chance to create hundreds of thousands of new jobs, invest billions of dollars into the economy, and clean up our air while we lower CO2 emissions and tackle the climate crisis. At every turn, it is essential that we prioritize equal access to these benefits and lead with principles of equity and justice.

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SEIA - Solar Prices Increase


Solar Energy Industries Association


Solar Prices Increase Across Every Market Segment for the First Time in Seven Years

“The solar industry continues to demonstrate strong quarterly growth, and demand is high across every segment,” said Michelle Davis, principal analyst at Wood Mackenzie and lead author of the report. “But the industry is now bumping up against multiple challenges, from elevated equipment prices to complex interconnection processes. Addressing these challenges will be critical to expanding the industry’s growth and meeting clean energy targets.”

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Climate Action Campaign Green New Deal

Climate Action Campaign

San Diego Green New Deal

The San Diego Green New Deal Alliance is a coalition of nearly 50 local businesses and organizations spanning many sectors, committed to ensuring the San Diego region achieves a Zero Carbon economy by 2035.

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SCAG will be hosting a public hearing to hear from stakeholders and provide more information about the SoCal Greenprint

The SoCal Greenprint will: 

  • Map, measure, and contextualize the values of nature’s benefits and services within the region’s ecosystem, economy, and community.
  • Aggregate existing data in an interactive online format.
  • Help decision-makers plan for future development with nature in mind.
  • Encourage and highlight conservation efforts that provide multiple benefits for nature and people throughout the SCAG region.
  • Function as a resource for conservation information that anyone can access, for free.

Date: August 24, 2021

Time: 4- 6 PM

More Info. Here

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SCAG - Committee Meetings Via Zoom

The Southern California Association of Governments



The Community, Economic and Human Development Committee holds regular meetings the first Thursday of each month at 9:30 a.m.

Date: September 2, 2021

Time: 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM Via Zoom

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Infrastructure Package Update


 Southern California Association of Governments


On Wednesday, July 28, the US Senate voted 67-32 to begin debating the bipartisan infrastructure stimulus proposal, with 17 Republicans, including Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, joining all 50 Senate Democrats in favor. After several months of negotiations on infrastructure, this takes the proposal to the next step in the legislative process.

The $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill, includes $550 billion in new spending to rebuild roads and bridges, improve public transit systems, expand passenger rail, upgrade ports and airports, invest in broadband infrastructure, fix water systems, modernize the power sector, and improve climate resilience. The plan would be paid for in part by redirecting unspent emergency relief funds, unspent unemployment benefits, expected economic growth and other funding sources.

Highlights include:

  • $110 billion above baseline for Roads, Bridges & Major Projects
  • $66 billion for Passenger & Freight Rail
  • $46 billion for Resiliency
  • $11 billion for Highway & Pedestrian Safety Projects
  • $39.2 billion for Public Transit
  • $65 billion for Broadband Infrastructure
  • $7.5 billion for EV infrastructure
  • $7.5 billion for Electric buses/transit
  • $1 billion for the Reconnecting Communities program
  • And more!

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SCAG - The Southern California Association of Governments

The Southern California Association of Governments



SCAG has published a new resource as part of the Southern California Regional Climate Adaptation Framework to support city and county efforts to meet Senate Bill (SB) 379 requirements for local jurisdictions to incorporate climate adaptation and resilience into the general plan safety elements. The SB 379 Compliance Curriculum for Local Jurisdictions is a guidebook that links SCAG’s climate adaptation planning resources and tools to support local safety element updates according to SB 379.


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Southern California Regional Energy Network Presents: Beacon Awards


Southern California Regional Energy Network


Beacon Award Applications Are Now Open?

Did you know 8 of our very own SoCalREN agencies received the Beacon Spotlight Award last year? The Institute for Local Government’s (ILG) Beacon Program provides a framework for local governments to share best practices that create healthier, more efficient, and vibrant communities. Their Beacon Awards honor public agencies that have taken significant steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save energy, implement sustainability best practices, and adopt a Climate Action Plan.

Applications Due By: July 31, 2021

Apply Here