NeighborWorks Training Institute: Green Symposium


Join us for an exciting and informative day-long event that will feature thought-leaders and some of the foremost practitioners in the field addressing green building and community involvement questions and topics such as:

  • What are the motivations that drive the greening of our buildings and communities?
  • What are the latest findings on the benefits of green as it pertains to resident health and well-being?
  • How do we articulate and promote sound green strategies that strike a chord for our constituents and build community and local leadership?
  • Who makes up the broad, diverse set of proponents for these green efforts that show there is diverse backing for this movement?
  • What are the paybacks on green initiatives for residents, the local economy, and the local community?
  • How and why are residents engaged in building local green communities that promote healthy, sustainable environments?
  • How do green, sustainable initiatives support local economic strategies?

Come join us for an enlightening day. Take away a framework and tools to engage your residents and your community in the development and promotion of long term green and sustainable practices for community wide benefit.