Warner Talks Investments In California


On October 1st, ECC VP for Investments Kevin Warner joined national leaders in impact investing, community development finance, and mainstream investment at Capital Markets for Impact at Scale convened by the Rockefeller Foundation and hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. The group at this full-day summit discussed the past, present, and potential role of institutional investors in impact and community investing. Alongside SOCAP2012, it further showcased efforts to harness the private capital markets to generate and scale positive social and environmental impacts including energy efficiency, job creation in clean energy and community workforce development.

On October 12, Kevin joined over 60 finance, energy efficiency and labor/workforce leaders who gathered in Sacramento at the invitation of California Governor Jerry Brown  to advise State government leaders at the "EE ‘Big Think’ Forum - Accelerating Scale for Energy Efficiency Investment – Capturing Energy, GHG, Jobs, and Economic Development Benefits – For a Quadruple Win. The group met for a half day summit to identify a short-list of the highest priority “next target” initiatives, public or private, that could unleash larger scale energy efficiency investments in California (or beyond).