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Obama's 'All Above' and 'All In' Plan

President Obama is stepping it up. His climate action plan rightfully credits important progress during his first term. But the plan recognizes that there is so much more to do. Not only in prevention but also climate change adaptation. The good news is that the President hasn’t backed down. Read his lips. Climate change is real. Climate change is here. It is our moral obligation to … Read More

The Nexus of Community Health And Wealth

Community Institutions – our schools, universities, libraries, churches, and health institutions – have always anchored our communities with essential services. We turn to them to nourish and shelter our minds, our bodies and our spirits. And increasingly, given dwindling corporate responsibility, we rely upon them to drive the local economy. The real estate, financial and huma… Read More

Adaptation: Peril or Promise?

I am a bit troubled by the growing interest in climate change adaptation and resiliency. Are you? To me, it signals that we have given up on climate change mitigation. The subliminal message is that it is too hard and too late to stop global warming. That, in fact, the best we can do is “ drop, duck and cover” (that’s California earthquake speak!). This sentiment may be b… Read More

A New Year, A New Resolve

January always presents a new beginning. It magically opens up space for new resolve, perspectives, and energy (pun intended) to be better and do more. The good news for 2013 on the national front is the reboot of a progressive mandate. Witness the Administration’s new resolve to tackle the three E’s - the economy, the environment, and equality (Inaugural Address, 2013):For we,… Read More

Community Colleges As Anchors To High Road Economies

Posted | by Denise Fairchild
Community Colleges have always been at the forefront of economic development.  It has only been recently, however, that they have been recognized, rewarded and supported for their critical roles.  These two-year institutions provide universal access for anyone seeking first and second chance educational and economic opportunities.  Education and training programs and a full … Read More

Finding The Political Nexus

The countdown to the 2012 election is here.  One week to go and the pulse of the American electorate is not yet clear.  But what’s at stake is.   This election season makes the seemingly incongruent nexus of environment, economy and democracy clearer than ever.  The three dominant issues looping the airwaves are jobs, energy and human/civil rights. The latte… Read More

From Transactions to Transformation

September was a very good month for Emerald Cities. I proudly watched three of our local council directors move from transactions to transformation. Leveraging the power of their multi-stakeholder coalitions, they each moved closer to institutionalizing ECC's mission within their local political economy. Let me explain. I routinely remind everyone (and myself) that the Emerald Cities bran… Read More

A Labor of Love

We mourn the end of summer with a celebration of Labor Day. The recognition and appreciation that we shower on the workers of America this weekend are more important today than have been for a long time. This 2012 election season is brewing a storm to divide America over jobs and the economy, hinting that one's race, class, and gender distinguish him or her as a worthy or unworthy American… Read More

Women in the Labor Movement

The recent passing of one of America's labor icons, Joyce D. Miller, gave me a chance to reflect on the role of women in the labor movement and the importance of the labor movement for women. Ms. Miller was co-founder and 17-year President of the Coalition of Labor Union Women, the first woman elected to the AFL-CIO Executive Council, and the executive director of the Glass Ceiling Project… Read More

The Democracy Commitment

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