Session 1

San Francisco Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Construction Forecast and How to Bid on Public-Sector Energy Efficiency Contracts
Learn how to prepare a bid for informal contracts, step-by-step instruction to become prequalified to bid; and receive an overview of the contract and Design-Build project delivery process from the pre-bid phase, through the bid and award phase, and project completion. This will include presentations from several San Francisco City and County agencies about upcoming projects and contractor prequalifications.

Session 2  

Green Building Standards and Requirements to Perform Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Projects, Solar/Battery installation, and EV Charging Stations
Introduction to green building standards and how to adhere to green building standards. Representatives from solar and battery storage, electric vehicle charging and energy efficiency/ distributed energy resources sectors will inform contractors how to access this work.

Session 3

Access to Capital, Bonding, and Insurance for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Projects
Public and private sector financial services professionals will guide contractors through eligibility criteria, loan options, and lending terms for small business loans. Learn how to increase your company‘s bonding capacity through the US SBA’s Surety Bond Guarantee Program and how to apply for Small Business Enterprise (SBE) certification.

Session 4

Worker Safety and Site Specific Safety Programs
Safety experts will guide you through the process of developing an Injury & Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) and Hazard Communication Program to facilitate compliance with Cal OSHA. SF City and County safety requirements and protocols, and guidance for Safety Trained Supervisor (STS) will also be shared to ensure contractor readiness and project success.

Session 5

Introduction to Labor Compliance: Local Hire, Prevailing Wage & Project Labor Agreements (PLAs)
Learn about how contractors can meet their local hire and disadvantaged participation goals. Obtain the information you need to determine and comply with public works prevailing wage requirements and regulations. Get an overview of electronic certified payroll systems and learn how to avoid common Labor Compliance violations and mistakes. Learn how to successfully perform work under a PLA. Get an overview of the required procedures for working with the signatory craft unions, hiring craft workers, making employee benefit contributions and other polices established by the PLA.

Session 6

How to Meet the Challenges & Opportunities in Public Works: Bidding for Contracts
Learn about Public Contract Law and how to get local or disadvantaged business certification.

Session 7

How to Meet the Challenges & Opportunities in Public Works: Business Administration
Cash Flow Management: An engineer will show contractors how to break down project costs and prepare a price estimate utilizing standard industry principles.
Back Office Operations: A seasoned construction scheduler will show contractors the principles of developing a project schedule.
Learn about Union signatory options

Session 8

Closing Ceremony Graduation Dinner

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